Are You Struggling With Chronic Pain?

Fatigue? Headaches? Migraines?

Chronic pain is the #1 cause of long-term disability in America. 

We offer natural solutions to upgrade your health in Lansing, Westphalia and internationally with our online programs.

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"Pain to Performance" Online Programs

Proven & Field Tested Healthy Lifestyle Principles to Help You Break-Free from Pain & Achieve Peak Performance

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Group coaching program that helps you incorporate mindset training, breathwork, exercise, spinal health, nutrition, detox, sleep strategies, and much more.
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MINDset Training is the most overlooked aspect of health & performance. Set a solid foundation for SUSTAINABLE change in your health & fitness.

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How We Have Helped Our Patients

I noticed an improvement in my low back pain and also in other areas that I didn't think were even related to chiropractic

My initial problem was mainly low back pain. I decided to make an appointment because I was tired of constantly being in pain. I was initially concerned about the cost but being able to do monthly payments was helpful. During care I noticed an improvement in my low back pain and also in other areas that I didn't think were even related to chiropractic (headaches, heartburn, etc.) I love having a standing appointment at Total Health because I know I'll always be ahead of the curve if I do develop any issues.

Emily Yates

"As long as you FOLLOW the program you will be successful!"

IDEAL PROTEINThe “Proverbial Nut Shell” for Ideal Protein weight loss portal is this:1. IT WORKS!2. IT IS SIMPLE! As long as you FOLLOW this program you will be successful! Each day all I have to do is eat 3 of their foods, choose my protein for dinner and the veggies I want from the list and “Viola”. I am LIVIN LIKE A SKINNY GIRL!This program allows my slender, beautiful, healthy future self to BREAK FORTH. Now, my shinny girl is in charge! I can predict where my weight loss is going and have ABSOLUTELY accomplished every single goal that I have set out to conquer. I am also excited to watch my daughter have equal success and watch her achieve her weight loss goals. She loves this plan because even when life goes crazy she and I can stay focused on the program. It WORKS FOR US!Trust me if I can do this SO CAN YOU! What do you have to lose? Really? I know I do not have to say it, but I will… DO THIS! YOU DESERVE IT! Laurie

Laurie Sillman

My lower back pain has significantly improved

My lower back pain has significantly improved since starting chiropractic care. Also, I have noticed an improvement in my digestive health!

Brent Huhn, 30

Increased mobility & energy

I now have increased mobility & energy. I have been using my Denneroll and now have better neck motion and little pain! Also Chiropractic care has improved my sinuses! -

Chuck Rider, 71

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