January 4


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January 4, 2021

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Ready to dive into 2021 with a GROWTH MINDSET? 

If you experience ANY of these, I’d say that’s a big YES...

  • Overthinking or Self Doubt
  • Procrastination or Avoidance behaviors
  • Feelings of stress, anger, worry, or frustration 
  • Unhappy or Unfulfilled with your current situation
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Physical symptoms like racing heart, pain, headaches 

It’s finally time to sustainably improve your lifestyle, and it starts with creating a GROWTH MINDSET.

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I want to help you achieve that (and MORE) with this program! 

Learn to #BeYourOwnGuarantee

Support your liver’s ability to detox your brain and body (+ 23 liver-loving recipes)

Did you know the liver is responsible for hundreds of jobs in your body… like elimination of waste products (detox), regulating energy, and so much more?!

Obviously that means a properly functioning liver is a MUST for an optimal functioning BRAIN.

Bridgit Danner has a new eGuide, Recipes for Liver Detox, where you can learn what and how to give your liver what it needs to help your body detox.

>> Download your Recipes for Liver Detox eGuide HERE

Here are just a FEW of the liver-loving recipes....

  • Vanilla Cashew Smoothie

  • Chia Pudding

  • Pumpkin Seed Cilantro Coleslaw

  • Broccoli with Cashew “Cheese” Sauce

  • Easy Salmon Salad

  • Gingerbread Power Balls

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Get the entire Recipes for Liver Detox eGuide here

And when you download this gift, you also save a seat for the free, online DIY Detox Summit, where over 35 experts will teach you more about at-home tips, recipes and strategies to help your body remove toxins caused by toxic mold, synthetic chemicals, infections and heavy metals… and I’m honored to be one of them! Join me for the DIY Detox Summit:)

Recent and Upcoming Superhuman Brain PodClasses

Interested in quick tips to MAXIMIZE your health? Check out one of my Superhuman Brain PodClasses! These are 15 to 20 minute weekly education sessions that provide you with ONE action step you can take every week to upgrade your brain health, performance, and longevity!

Maximize Your Holiday Food CHOICES

The Healthy Party(ing) Plan: Alcohol & Non-Alcohol Alternatives

5 Simple Foods To Boost Your Performance & Productivity

After a year of isolation and uncertainty, now more than ever we need a place where we can learn how to create sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. If you want a HEALTH & MINDSET driven community for people who want ELIMINATE THE MIND-MADE LIMITS on their health and life, BREAK-FREE FROM DEPENDENCE on a broken system, & UPGRADE BRAIN, ENERGY & LONGEVITY...then my #BeYourOwnGuarantee Facebook group is exactly for you. 

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You'll have IMMEDIATE, VIP ACCESS to my weekly SuperHuman Brain PodClass to learn how to train your body, brain, and mind for sustainable success!

Need more personal attention with your brain function, health and energy? Book an online consult with Dr. Ryan

Get personalized support during this consultation, where we dig deep into your history and really understand the causes of your symptoms like brain fog & low mental endurance, fatigue, poor sleep, chronic pain, cognitive decline, poor memory or headaches.

These are all signs that something is interfering with healing capabilities. Let’s get to the bottom of it (especially if you haven’t been successful yet)! 

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