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January 13, 2021

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17 Cosmetic and Personal Care Products to BEWARE of Most

In my Leaky Brain Summit (that Dr. Elena Villaneuva and I created last year), we interviewed Brian Vaszily about “The Toxic Skin - Leaky Brain connection”... and it was sooooo good! He explained that to avoid BRAIN toxicity, you must BEWARE of what you “feed” your SKIN.

And now I just finished reading his new report, The 17 Cosmetic and Personal Care Products to Beware of Most (because they can be loaded with toxins that are harmful to your brain, body, and health).

Holy cow… I can’t stress strongly enough to please read this one as soon as possible, because it’s almost a sure thing several of these are in your home right now, too.

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Brian has been a widely respected natural health advocate and researcher for over 20 years, and he’s worked closely with and helped many other luminaries, too. So of course I wanted him on our Leaky Brain Summit;)

And now he’s giving away this powerful new 23-page report today in support of his upcoming major online event I’ve been telling everyone NOT to miss, Younger, Longer: The Insider’s Health Summit.

(By the way, I’m honored to be one of the 22 anti-aging authorities Brian interviewed for this epic healthy longevity event.)

Now, Brian is a good friend and a “health-geek” like me

In this particular report, you’re about to discover science-backed specifics about 17 common cosmetic and personal care products including…

  • The skin products that include PTFE – the “Teflon” ingredient linked to cancer and endocrine-disruption and the reason many experts warn against pots and pans coated with it.

  • The popular make-up that may include LEAD… and, according to a recent study, eight other potentially very toxic heavy metals.

  • How many if not MOST people are feeding their bodies DEA via one of the most sensitive areas of the skin -- and why it can be particularly dangerous.

  • The endocrine-disrupting ingredient banned in antibacterial soaps, but (oddly) still allowed in this popular personal care product.

  • The common cosmetic that can contain “ethanolamines” – banned in Europe but allowed in the US – which has been linked to cancer.

  • The skin irritant and allergen so many people are rubbing into their skin these days.

  • What you MUST know about coal tar dye and carbon black, and the very popular product that often contains it.

  • The “foam up” ingredient that’s an endocrine-disruptor, possible carcinogen, and the popular product it’s often found in.

  • The 4 ingredients to be especially wary of in perhaps the most popular personal care product of all.

Here's the bottom line:

When you feed these products to your skin you’re feeding them to your body and brain where they can accumulate, and I definitely don’t want that. I’m betting you don’t either!

Get “The 17 Cosmetic and Personal Care Products to Beware of Most” Report now

And FINALLY, as for the Younger, Longer: The Insider’s Health Summit itself, well…

If you agree that “Growing Older Does NOT Mean Growing Old,” you’re going to want to pay very close attention to this important online event.

Because in it, 22 world-renowned longevity and healthy aging doctors will be revealing no less than the most effective steps of ALL you must take to truly live long and live well. I can’t wait to share my 3 top steps to train your brain and body for upgraded longevity:)

Head here now and enjoy the eye-opening new report from Brian Vaszily and the Younger, Longer Insider’s Health Summit.

My personal daily nutrition strategy to improve energy, focus, and performance (stay lean + young)

For some of us, the hardest things to do is to dive inward and figure out the root of what we’re dealing with. What exactly does our brain want from us and how do we understand it? 

If your number one goal for the new year is to have a healthy body, then YOU MUST have a healthy brain. This is why the term “Brain Nutrition” exists! 

It’s impossible to have a healthy brain without a healthy body, and vice-versa. Brain and body are co-dependent. By improving one, you automatically improve the other. By damaging one, you automatically damage the other. The downward or upward spirals of brain and body health have a symbiotic relationship with stress.

There’s no better way to meet your nutritional needs, upgrade your brain, strengthen your body, and energize your life than through a Superhuman Brain Shake once every day.

I make one everyday for my family and myself. My healthy day doesn’t feel complete unless I have one. And I’m inviting you into my kitchen to walk you step by step through the 7-Step Process. Check out one of my FAVORITE brain energy shake recipes:

Brain Deflame Cinnamon Blitz

  1. 1/2 cup full-fat organic coconut milk
  2. 1/2 cup filtered water
  3. 1⁄2 - 1 tsp cinnamon
  4. 20 drops of vanilla stevia or to taste
  5. Pinch of pink himalayan sea salt
  6. 2 tbsp of almond butter or 1 handful of walnuts and/or almonds
  7. 1 scoop of Apple Cinnamon Bone Broth Protein powder or another protein source

You can make your own super-brain shakes too...

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24 DIY Detox Tips

This month I’m having a “gut cleanse” detoxification (detox, for short) for patients and clients in our brick-and-mortar clinic. I LOVE periodic detoxes for my patients, clients, family, and self to reset and clear out the toxins that have become increasingly common in our world. 

Maybe you've been considering a detox, or you’ve done one (or multiple) in the past. Soooo let’s talk about what a detox actually is, and how to make sure you detox in a healthy way. 

“Detox” means different things to different people. It can mean abstaining from something harmful, consuming something beneficial or combining techniques that help the body eliminate harmful toxins.

Regardless of the approach, the objective of a detox is to remove the bad stuff — things like chemicals, heavy metals, mold mycotoxins, environmental pollutants, pesticides and more in order to support the body’s natural detoxification organs — the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin and lungs.

Here are some strategies that support detoxification:

  1. Eating organic fruits and vegetables

  2. Drinking filtered water

  3. Eating foods that fight heavy metals

  4. Minimizing indoor air pollution

  5. Using a sauna or steam room

This free “24 Tips to DIY Detox” ebook goes into much more detail on these (and 19 others) so it’s much easier and helpful for you to download it. Then, you can see what you can implement into your DIY detox lifestyle:)


Learn more about the simple science-based steps you can take to support your body’s natural detoxification systems and feel more confident in your DIY detox.

As a bonus with this gift, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online DIY Detox Summit where 35+ experts will teach you more about at-home tips, recipes and strategies to help your body remove toxins caused by toxic mold, synthetic chemicals, infections and heavy metals

And I’m psyched to be part of the lineup of experts! I’m going to share how you can “Detox for Clear Thinking and Improved Memory.” Don’t miss it…

Download the 24 detox tips here (no charge)

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Get personalized support during this consultation, where we dig deep into your history and really understand the causes of your symptoms like brain fog & low mental endurance, fatigue, poor sleep, chronic pain, cognitive decline, poor memory or headaches. These are all signs that something is interfering with healing capabilities. Let’s get to the bottom of it (especially if you haven’t been successful yet)!

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