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January 25, 2021

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8 simple self-care steps for autoimmunity

Growing up, I was always active. Playing baseball, football, wiffle ball and everything else in the backyard with my three brothers. 

But, I also dealt with A LOT of colds, sinus infections, allergies and even bladder infections. Then I started getting migraine headaches when I was only 13!

I’m so grateful I learned more and more about my brain, body, and health so these immune system issues didn’t progress into AUTO-immune diseases.  Coming from a small town, it wasn’t always easy. I had LIMITATIONS that were holding me back. As I’ve learned more about my BODY and BRAIN, I have learned how to break free from those limitations and train my mind to be just as healthy as the rest of my body.

if you want to upgrade your health like I do, and give yourself the best chance at taking control of autoimmune issues (or even avoid them in the first place!!)...Take a look at this “Simple Self Care eGuide” 

It will teach you eight SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE ways to practice self-care that you can do right at home. It’s from two friends of mine, Drs. Brent and Tiffany Caplan.

And, since I know they won’t mind (at least I hope they don’t), I’m going to give you the first three right here, right now. Pretty cool, huh!?

Here you go... I’ll even give you the first three of these ways, right now!

  1. Gratitude Journal: Gratitude makes us happy. No matter what the situation is, shifting focus on something positive has been shown to improve mood.

  2. Meditation: When we are exposed to a stressor or perceive something as a threat, our brain shifts into survival mode. It wants to keep us safe. When this happens chronically, we train our body for sickness and disease. Meditation can help re-train the brain and body to be able to switch into rest, recovery, and performance mode when we’re not in real imminent danger.

  3. Exercise: Regular exercise can be one of the most effective ways to manage your autoimmune condition. If implemented correctly, it produces ENDORPHINS, improves circulation and produces chemicals that ENHANCE BRAIN FUNCTION. I think this one is my favorite.

Just implementing those three can give you huge returns on your health, performance, and longevity…

But I highly suggest you learn the rest.

>> Download the entire “Simple Self Care Steps” eGuide right HERE (no charge)

Why are self-care guides like this so important??

>> Well, because of modern day life, we can’t completely avoid stress..., but we can prevent it from building up and negatively impacting our health.

>> STRESS is a common trigger of our autoimmune disease flare ups. And CHRONIC uncontrolled stress causes chronic inflammation in our body and brain, possibly leading to progression of autoimmune diseases.

>> Implementing consistent self-care practices into your everyday life that work FOR YOU can help you create and sustain super BRAIN HEALTH & LONGEVITY

Click here to grab your free copy 

Plus, you’ll also have access to the free and online “Food Sensitivities & Autoimmunity Summit” which I’m thrilled to be part of along with 30+ TOP HEALTH EXPERTS!! We’re excited to teach you more about identifying your unique health triggers, and how to make the best nutrition & lifestyle plan for you.

For example, I talk about Creating Your Food Lifestyle, including getting your family on board with healthy eating, adapting your lifestyle, and creating a health mindset. 

Free viewing starts in a few short weeks, so click here to download The Simple Self Care eGuide (which will automatically register you for the Food Sensitivities & Autoimmunity Summit.)

See you there:)

How does an “Ageless Brain” sound to you?

Have you met Rico Caveglia yet? If not, he’s an example of doing the work to have an “ageless brain” … and body for that matter. He’s in his upper 70’s and is still challenging himself physically and mentally. 

He actually got together over 70 brain, body, and health experts and organized an Operations Manual for the Human Body & Mind. My contribution: SPINAL HEALTH & BRAIN HEALTH.  Click here to meet Rico and check out the FULL LIST of physical, mental, spiritual, and relational fitness topics.

Keep in mind, Rico has never organized an event like this before, and he’s giving you free reign of all the experts for the next two days. This training gives you automatic access to videos with experts across the health, fitness, and medical field... 

...and also Rico’s 50 page report called The Ageless Brain.

After reading the report, there are so many strategies that will allow YOUR BRAIN to release from aging limitations and enjoy healthy success

Click here for The Ageless Brain report

In Rico’s report, he touches on some important points that’ll make you think about the decisions you’re making to ensure your numerical age doesn’t reflect your “physical age”...

These points are:

  1. A healthy brain is your most precious asset. If your brain isn’t functionally well, you are not functioning well. But remember your brain is just another organ and is part of your body, so in order to have a healthy brain you need a healthy body. And just like you train your muscles heart and lungs with exercises and a healthy diet you have to do the same for your brain.
  2. You ( your mind, your consciousness ) have control over your brain. Your brain is a programmable computer that is programmed by your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. The good news is, you can choose your beliefs and your thoughts... but it takes simple and consistent practice similar to your nutrition and exercise. 
  3. You can prevent and reverse Alzheimers and Dementia.  It is now known that most chronic diseases (well over 80%) are lifestyle diseases… and that includes neurological diseases (which account for the number one cause of DISABILITY worldwide).

Click here to learn more about an agless brain & body

Brain Hygiene 101: More important than brushing your teeth?

I feel like it should be obvious that DAILY brain hygiene practices are just as essential to your health as brushing your teeth… but unfortunately it’s not. One remark I often make is that if our brain was visible (like on our face or in our mouth) we would all take much better care of it;)

 So if you want to treat your brain as well as you do your skin, hair, or teeth, check out Dr. Christine Schaffner’s Essential Brain Hygiene eGuide to maximize your brain health & performance. You’ll see why regular brain hygiene is MORE important than ever before.

In this brain hygiene guide, you’ll learn:

  • What the “glymphatic system” is and how it’s the first line of defense against neurological disease and aging
  • Three simple ways to support the glymphatic system (Two you might know… one that I’m confident you do NOT know)
  • How to upgrade the removal of toxins from your brain 
  • Key supplements and “binders” 

>> Download “Essential Brain Hygiene” Here (no charge) >>

Your first line of defense against aging, disease, and overall neurological degeneration is your glymphatic system. This is the waste clearance system of the brain and it drains toxins while you sleep and brings nutrients to neurons. This system is working overtime, and you don’t even realize it.

If you properly take care of your glymphatic system, you are BOOSTING your brain health and immune system. If you ignore it, it won’t respond to toxins and infections that can lead to  neurological disease.

Here’s a little preview of the three simple changes to support the glymphatic system, and in turn, upgrade and protect your brain: 

  1. Drink a glass of filtered water as soon as you wake up
  2. Exercise Daily
  3. Get HOURS of sleep

Need more personal attention with your brain function, health and energy? Book an online consult with Dr. Ryan

Get personalized support during this consultation, where we dig deep into your history and really understand the causes of your symptoms like brain fog & low mental endurance, fatigue, poor sleep, chronic pain, cognitive decline, poor memory or headaches. These are all signs that something is interfering with healing capabilities. Let’s get to the bottom of it (especially if you haven’t been successful yet)! 

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