May 19


How Caffeine Keeps You Awake

If your days are stress built up on more stress, with work, home life, kids’ activities, and tons of other responsibilities, you’ve probably had coffee, tea, pop, and/or energy drinks.

Why? To boost your energy. Give you a 'jolt.' Help you get through the day.

You needed the caffeine. 

And, here's how caffeine works.... which is pretty freakin' interesting!!

There's a chemical that your body produces called adenosine. When your body senses adenosine, it signals your body to get tired or relax. 

When you introduce caffeine into your body, it stops adenosine from doing its job.

Essentially, caffeine doesn't actually boost your energy. It merely stops you from getting tired.

So now your body is still making adenosine because you're 'awake,' but it's hard to get rid of. 

Your body now has to change the way it works, stress hormones increase, and your brain and organs get overworked. 

It can take several days to get caffeine out of your system. If you don't get enough sleep because of the caffeine, you'll get more tired. Being tired makes you want more caffeine. Drinking more caffeine makes your sleep problems even worse. And the cycle continues.

Ultimately, there's a price to pay for regular caffeine use, but you don't have to quit it altogether.

One way to still enjoy your coffee is to give yourself a curfew. Set a time in which you give your body time to remove most of it from your system. For most people, it's 2pm. Personally, my body is sensitive to caffeine so I avoid it altogether. 

Limiting or avoiding caffeine is just one tip to help you restore your sleep. And when you restore your sleep, your body will get the proper rest and recovery so it can repair.

How does caffeine affect you? Comment below.

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