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My Go-To Snack...

Are you a snacker? 

Because I do the majority of grocery shopping for my family, I had to share this with you...

It never ceases to amaze me (and even irritate me) with how many harmful ingredients are in supposedly "super-healthy" snacks!

In fact, here are the top 4 toxins hiding in "healthy" snacks that you need to watch out for...

(1) Sugar

Not much of a shocker with this one.

As you know, sugar has been linked to everything from inflammation and obesity to diabetes and cancer.

And while there's nothing wrong with having an occasional sweet treat...
Sugar is hard to avoid... even if you want to, and if you're not on the look-out for it.

Food manufacturers dump it into just about everything... even stuff that's not supposed to be "sweet".

I looked at one so-called "paleo" energy bar (complete with a caveman logo), and it had over 22g of sugar per serving! Geesh!!

But, please don't turn to "zero calorie" or "low sugar" alternatives, because you also need to beware of...

(2) Artificial Sweeteners

This sounds like a good idea on the surface. You get rid of the calories from the sugar, while still getting the sweet flavor.

Unfortunately, since they don't have any calories, you never quite feel "full" or "satisfied" after eating them. And so, you keep on eating... and eating... and eating.

What's even worse...

They're ridiculously dangerous for your health. Numerous studies show they cause migraines, weight gain, and cardiovascular disease.

(3) Carbs

OK, carbs in and of themselves aren't bad... as long as you're careful about how many carbs you're getting, and where they're coming from.

But, most snacks are extremely carb-heavy (even ones that are considered to "healthy").

The problem with this?

Carb-heavy snacks shock your body by causing an immediate spike in your blood sugar levels.

And while you might feel more energized and alert at first...

... that spike is SOON followed by a hard crash — leaving you starving, fatigued, and grumpy.

(4) Trans Fats

This toxic fat has thousands of studies proving it causes chronic pain, inflammation, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and much more.

And although you'll rarely see "Trans Fat" printed in bold letters on the label... It's EVERYWHERE.

Big food companies are allowed to cram up to half a gram of trans fats per serving in their food… and still claim their food is "Trans Fat Free" (even though it obviously isn’t).

Plus, many companies use processes that disguise trans fats completely.

For example, 99% of beef sticks are "preserved" by coating them with citric acid and hydrogenated vegetable oil (ie, trans fat).

Yet they're allowed to hide this on the label and just put "encapsulated citric acid" instead.

Yes, I know it can be really hard to find an actual healthy snack...

... one that you can be confident is nutrient-dense, satisfying, and free of dangerous ingredients.

My Go-To Healthy Snack

I've found a few but then I heard about Paleovalley's 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks on a podcast a few months ago.

I researched the company and tried them first BEFORE recommending them to you.

And now that I have, I am sincerely IMPRESSED.

They use 100% grass fed/grass finished beef, organic spices, and have zero questionable additives.

And they're freakin' delicious! (I'm a simple guy, so The Original flavor is my favorite. But, the Summer Sausage and Jalapeno flavors are a hit with my wife and daughters, too.)

In fact, they're so good that I reached out to the company owner, Autumn and arranged a special deal for you today.

When you click here, you can SAVE an additional 15% off your first order and get FREE SHIPPING.

That means you can actually save up to 40% total which is pretty darn good for the quality of these snacks...

>> Head here to claim your savings on these super-healthy 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks now...


Dr. Ryan


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