Have you heard that aches & pains, cognitive decline, chronic tiredness, or 'senior moments' are part of normal  aging?

I repeatedly hear about the pitfalls of aging:

The aches, pains, cognitive decline, and low energy (both mentally & physically).

The endless dependence on doctor's visits, medications, procedures, and follow up visits.

The limits placed on their health, function & performance as they age.

The memory lapses and physical slow-down.


Your brain and body aren't designed to experience accelerated breakdown. You're not meant to depend on medications to keep you functioning. You can continually upgrade your energy, function, and performance for life... EVEN when you've tried everything else!

I'm Dr. Ryan Wohlfert and that's why I offer these online programs (see below) you can have access to from anywhere in the world!

To help you heal your brain & body, upgrade your energy, and defy aging without drugs, medications, or other unnatural methods...

... and Break-Free from dependence on a broken system.


1-on-1 & Group Health Coaching

I believe everyone can holistically heal and upgrade their health, energy, performance & longevity...

...so they can positively impact their family, business, career, and lives forever!

If you do too, but need help eliminating any limits on your health & longevity - naturally, safely, and effectively - Health Coaching may be for you.

The top causes for health issues I find with our clients are toxicities, deficiencies, & fixed mindset. My focus is to reveal what's missing in each person's health and create a plan for sustainable health. You don't have to have any official "diagnosis" to work with me. Common symptoms of people I work with include:

  • Brain Fog & Low Mental Endurance
  • Low Energy & Chronic Tiredness
  • Cognitive Decline & Poor Memory
  • Poor Sleep
  • Pessimistic Outlook on Health and Aging
  • Tension, Sinus, or Migraine Headaches
  • Chronic Pain
  • Joint Aches & Pains, Arthritis

If you're here, you're taking responsibility and want to see what's actually going on in your body. Maybe you've spent tens of thousands of dollars on prescriptions, treatments, or supplements without a clue as to what the underlying causes of your symptoms are. You've realized that the treatments you've tried haven't worked or maybe even made you feel worse.

This is exactly why it's so important to test your brain and body (i.e. REVEAL the cause)... instead of throwing hundreds or thousands of dollars of medial care, prescriptions, or supplements into your body without really knowing the underlying causes and what you truly need to HEAL.

I've discovered who excels most in our programs (and why they do). To help you make significant changes in your present (& future!!) health, the first step is booking an initial health consultation.

DIY Brain Upgrade Blueprint

The A-Z system to heal your brain & body, upgrade your energy, 
function & performance, and create active longevity... for LIFE!

With this online program, you'll get access to 30+ videos, PDF's, lessons, worksheets, and self-assessments. Plus, you'll have support and accountability through Dr. Ryan's Private Facebook group. And, when you have questions, join Dr. Ryan's Q&A House Calls.

Superhuman MINDSET eCourse

Eliminate The Limits on Your Brain, Performance, & Energy

> Do you have limits that are holding you back from the HEALTH and LIFE you want? 
> Do you overthink? Self-doubt? Second guess?
> Are you TIRED of trying and failing?

This program guides you step-by-step to learn the drivers of your actions, behaviors, and habits... and how to shift to a Growth Mindset, creating sustainable change in your life.

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