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"I’m able to enjoy time with my wife and daughters pain free."

I was looking for an alternative to pain medicine and wanted a healthier lifestyle. I had very bad sciatica down my right leg, and couldn’t walk upright due to the pain in my lower back. I had tried muscle relaxers, pain medicine, physical therapy, and other conventional medicine.I feel the thing that sets Total Health apart from others is the one-on-one care you give to each person and the individual plans to make them better. Not a cookie cutter approach like others.I haven’t had any symptoms of sciatica return, and any lower back trouble is usually corrected with an adjustment.As a husband and a father, taking care of my family is the most important thing to me. When I first came here I couldn’t stand up, let alone work all day to support my family. It wasn’t easy, but with your help I’m able to enjoy time with my wife and daughters pain free.

Dave O'Berry

I needed a life change. I needed to lose weight, become more active and mostly important --- I had to get healthy. I was in my early 40's and just became a dad for the 3rd time and I felt terrible. My clothes were tight, I was lethargic and I was tired all the time. I didn't want to walk upstairs to give my daughter a bath not because I do not like giving her a bath but because I did not want to climb the stairs. The final straw was when I bent down to pick up my little girl and as I stood back up, I became dizzy. Right then and there I knew I needed to change. I would be damned if I was not going to be able to pick her up. But, where do you begin? I was a high school athlete and for a long time I ate and drink what I wanted. I trained for my sports but I trained hard and I trained long and I knew I did not have that kind of time any more. In my late 20's I gained some weight and lost it by completing the Power 90 workout and sticking to a diet of brown rice and chicken. At 40 though, I knew I would not have the time to commit to 90 straight days or working out and my brown rice and chicken days were over. I knew that diet would not last. Tried low carb diets. They worked but could never stick with it and ended up gaining it all back. I knew I needed help. I knew Dr. Ryan was in the health business and so I decided to send him a Facebook message. We played baseball and basketball together starting in grade school thru high school so I tried him. I told him I was in a bad place health wise and I did not know if I should start with diet or exercise. He told me, diet "because you cannot exercise yourself out of a bad diet." That made sense. Plus, I became frustrated with exercise. Being 40 and weighing 80 pounds more than I did in high school, I still felt I should be able to rattle off 70 push ups without a problem---but I was struggling to do 7. I was on board with diet. However, their was so many diets---eats this, don't eat this, oh, you can have that, no you can't. I was tired of it. I just needed someone to tell me what I can eat and what I cannot. You do that and I will follow it. Dr. Ryan challenged my to the 30 Day Stark Naked Challenge and told me what I could eat and what I could not. When something was in question, I would email Dr. Ryan and he would say "yea" or "nea" to the food in question or even how to prepare certain foods. I completed the challenge and decided to continue the diet for another 15 days. In 45 days I lost 40 pounds. But, it wasn't the weight lost----I actually felt great. I had a ton of energy. Coming home from a hard day of work and my first inclination was to no longer go straight for the couch. I wanted to do things, fix things, place with the kids, etc. After 45 days, I went back to eating the foods I love and drinking the drinks I love (I love a good beer(s)). However, I only indulged in them when it made sense. For example, breakfast I always ate healthy unless we were eating brunch at a friend's house. Why eat a sugar cereal before work when it is just as easy to choose a healthy breakfast. Same with lunch. Dinner is a little different. I would mostly eat healthy but on pizza or taco night----I'm having pizza or tacos. On the weekends, if friends come over for a few beers---I;m having a few beers. But, if nothing is going on---no reason not to eat healthy. Dr. Ryan gave me a program that fit me, he provided me support and guidance through the program and it worked for me.

Brad Harr

I've been an extremely satisfied and appreciative ten year plus patient of Dr. Ryan. I've spent my entire adult life as an educator with more than 44 years served in my career. Because of what I've done, learned and know, Dr. Ryan continues to impress and inspire me. He is a model "life long learner". For as long as I've known Dr. Ryan, he continues to strive, serve, learn and grow. As his patient he has helped me to make the best use of my stressed and aging body. He has stood at my side through major health challenges. One might say this is what doctors vow to do. Yet, his caring words and actions continue to be a constant personal force in my life.Dr. Ryan leads his team professionally. He is obviously a loving husband and father, serves our community beyond the walls of his office with major community service initiatives and finds time to enjoy leisure activities for himself and with his family. I'm sure he will plan, design, create and add to his "win-win" record.Just saying thank you is not enough. Dr. Ryan has helped me to understand, make happen and enjoy a more optimal and total positive quality of life.

Dan Pappas

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